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This year I once again will be opening up the opportunity for the fourth grade to participate in the band program. Information was sent home with those students who were interested. This will be a very intensive program which requires extreme dedication and personal responsibility on the student's part. Because I have to pull the students out of class, they are required to make up the work. If I become aware that their grade is starting to fall, I will stop their lesson until they bring it back up. Moreover, this is a privilege that is only given to students who maintain the PRIDE expectations throughout their school day. If inappropriate behaviors are brought to my attention by other staff, then these privileges will be revoked until all issues are resolved.

If your student has chosen to be in the program, they must:

1. practice at least 60 minutes a week and mark it down in their book.

2. have their practice sheet signed (inside their book)

3. always have their materials on the day of their lesson.

If a student does not meet the obligations 3 times, I will ask that student to leave the program, so another may take their place.

The schedule of this year's students' lessons are as follows:


11:00 - Johnny, Zion, Jaenyla
11:20 - Tyshauna, Airese


11:00 - Talayasia
11:20 - James, Queen, Taliya
11:40 - Isaac, Awaal


11:00 - Joan, Daniel, Justin, Reuven
11:20 - Chyme, Terek, Loyalty