As with the gym classes, I also have a grading rubric for music as well. The link to it is below:


The maximum points that a student can receive during a class is 20 points. Points are based off of the rubric. The points are added together at the end of the marking period and averaged together for the students final music grade.

This year the all grades will be utilizing the developmental report cards where "B" stands for Basic Understanding, "D" stands for Developmentally on level, and "P" stands for Proficient. I still use percentages. This is how they will relate:

90% and above - student will receive and D+, demonstrating that the student is above where they need to be

80-89% - student will receive a D which means that the student is exactly on level

70-79% - student will receive and D- which means that the students is starting to fall behind the developmental milestones.

70% and below - student will receive and B which means the student has only a basic understanding and does not understand the developmental concepts.